February 22, 2012

Who Else wants Soft and Smooth hands and to smell delectable while acheiving this?

We have found that with Yamerra's high-nutrient Shea butter products, you can achieve both! Yamerra provides natural Shea butter in seven different desirable scents packed with healing herbs and restorative pure essential oils for the skin. Our Yamerra travel Mini is perfect for hand and nail care. It's a small to-go jar that one can carry at all times, its small enough to fit in your favorite coat pocket, desk at work, glam purse for that night out with the girls or "Murse" (that man purse that carries only the very most essential things!).

Yamerra's Travel Mini's are softening, and hydrating for the hands, and leave one smelling delectable. Pick a scent that matches your goal; do you want to be sensuous yet subtle, while you work to secretly attract that hot co-worker? Try our Home Sweet Home Honey Vanilla. Or do you want to Be Bodacious? ...Full of energy and unstoppable, a team leader that motivates others to reach greater heights of success? Our Tangerine Grapefruit butter is just what you need!

Let Yamerra's rejuvenating Eco-Luxe products lay the ground work for success while leaving your skin hydrated, and soft.

Visit our Booth at The Super! Market:
Saturday, February 25th, 2012
268 Mulberry Street,
Btw. E. Houston and Prince Street
NY NY 10012


February 13, 2012

Sustainability, Affordability and Staying Beautiful in 2012

Yamerra Friends,

We ponder if this is possible in 2012: "Remaining frugal, while still living sustainably, Eco-consciously and looking stunning while you are at it."

We believe it totally is! We advise the following:

1. Use as many natural ingredients in your home beauty regimen as possible. Some of us will still want that special brand name lipstick we can wear every day, others will want that facial at the Spa. If you are to splurge, plan, prepare for it. An example of a natural skincare regimen that can be easily adopted is using fresh fruits to make facials, or even raw egg whites that we discussed a few weeks back. You can use natural ingredients like Avocado, Oatmeal, Almond Oil and Mint too based on your skin’s condition, a signature face mask should be blended up and applied on the spot.

 Making your own natural remedies is a SUSTAINABLE Beauty habit.

2. Take your shoes to the Cobbler! I know this sounds like an ancient idea, and not many of us do it, but I promise it is a more sustainable practice than buying a new pair of shoes ever so frequently. Get those stunning pumps you like to wear all the time to the shoe shop to get cleaned, shined, re-heeled. Shoe maintenance as opposed to buying another new pair every time we have a special event to attend can save us quiet a lot of money throughout the year.

Maintaining your shoes, getting them cleaned,  re-heeled, re-vamped is SUSTAINABLE!

3. Buy Green. Give Green. Yes. I know people hear green and we all of a sudden equate it to being ultra expensive. This is not always the case. However, if it is and you are to give anyway, go for a sustainable Eco-Conscious gift. For example, you may want to save and splurge on a really amazing formaldehyde-free nail polish for your bestie on her birthday. Do not buy the cheap polish that contains toxins just because you are trying to save. You will be causing more damage and ultimately spending more (on health issues) in the end.  You could also search for Eco-friendly products. Yamerra makes for a luxurious, yet affordable earth-friendly gift. Encourage others in your circle of trust to live sustainably and remain beautiful and fashionable by giving Eco-friendly gifts.

Yamerra is an Eco-Luxe, affordable gift option one can give all year round! Shop: yamerrastore.com

February 7, 2012

Woo or Wow with Yamerra: Eco-Conscious Romance!

We are gearing up for the highly anticipated Valentines Day Celebration. Are you ready? Did you pick out that Eco-friendly, luxurious and affordable gift for that special person?

Woo or Wow with Yamerra's all natural Hair and Body butters. You can build your own Eco-Luxe Signature Kit for your hottie at any one of our FREE ADMISSION onsite locations this upcomig weekend in Manhattan. For just $30.00, you can purchase 3 of our best-selling products for "Him or Her".


Friday February 10th, 2012
The Market NYC
328 W 15th Street
Btw 8th and 9th Avenue

Saturday February 11th, 2012
The SUPER! Market
268 Mulberry Street
Btw Prince and E. Houston

Sunday February 12th, 2012
Kings County Valentines Day Market
125 Fifth Ave
Park Slope, Brooklyn.