Kangalicious NEW YORKERS Summer 2013


We introduced the KANGA, the mulit-purpose, 100% organic cotton fabric found at Yamerra's Mini Boutique in Soho. 

The light-weight Tanzanian fabric is created in organic cotton, super light-weight and comes in vivacious colors. Anyone can use a Kanga! The rectangular cloth opens itself to a variety of uses, all year round too! This summer, we have complied our favorite images of our clients using that Yamerra Treasure, and enjoying its versatility. Below are some of our favorite images from our clients enjoying their Kangas, GETTING KANGALICIOUS, this summer!

The Kanga is a Yamerra Treasure promised to make the user smile a little more, look more vibrant and is a definite conversation starter.

Here, the same stunning Black and White Kanga acts as a headwrap and a top

Summer Lovies... Aman and Sandro. Sandro (right) has on a vibrant, airy Kanga

Lady Blogger from unfurlthecurl.com wears the Yamerra Treasure as a headwrap.
Queen Bee! Traveling in style, wearing her vivacious polka-dotted Kanga as a Halter top in the sweltering Summer heat!
Lady Blogger from mimshi.com enjoys the Yamerra Treasure as is and then later converts it into a Dress! Nice!!!
The Ultimate Kanga Casa at the Beach! Really worked on those hot, hot days... Uber comfortable and stylish!
The stunning Orange and Black Kanga here acts as a Sarong in one image and as a grocery shopping bag in the other/

Get your KANGA Scarf on! Highly recommended for the Fall!

Where can I pick up the Yamerra Treasure?


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