November 19, 2013

Beauty Rules For Red Lipstick this Winter

Beauties, A lot of us would love to wear the knockout red lipstick but we may feel uncomfortable or a bit wary. We can all play "The Red Lipstick Game" and here are some tips, tricks and rules of thumb to guide you! Wear that red pretties - and wear it with confidence xx

Use Liner
Choose a shade of red that matches your lipstick. It'll emphasize the color, prevent it from bleeding into lip lines, and help the color last longer! 

Test Color on Lips
If that's not possible, dab the lipstick on the pad of one of your fingertips, which has lots of blood vessels — the color is closest to the actual hue of your lips.

Sample Berries
A bright red lip is definitely a look, so if you're hesitant about committing to full-force scarlet, try a berry hue: One with blue undertones will have the same smile-whitening effect as a classic red would. Don't be shy - When you don't want to fully commit to hot reds, you can enjoy Berry hues!

Avoid Gloss
A red gloss won't have the same coverage or intensity of pigment as a lipstick. It may appear red on your lips, but it won't change the look of your teeth. 

A great place for inspiration for colors: - That's all I have for now Beauties. Enjoy wearing your "Reds!!!xo