March 30, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Seven

Today is the final Day of Vivacious Kanga Diaries. I am using my Kanga as a hobo-bag. I went to pick up some breakfast fruit, my Kanga bag was super helpful. I tied the shorter ends, that are opposite to each other, and put the tied ends over my shoulder to make the hobo. So easy! I love that the Kanga, vibrant and colorful, can be so functional! Yamerra's guide features seven different ways to use your Kanga. There are many more! If you do not own a Kanga and want one, or are looking for a really one-of-a-kind gift, you can pick one up at:

12 Lions Studio,
684 Broadway NYC
(Corner of Broadway and Great Jones)

The Kanga makes for a user-friendly and sustainable accessory for use all year round, a Yamerra Treasure!  I will definitely be back in the Summer with Kangalicious Diaries in New York so tune in when it gets hot outside... All I will want to wear is the light-weight cotton fabric, can't wait! See pictures of my Kanga Hobo below.

Day Seven: The Kanga as a Hobo Bag
The knots I tied are on my shoulder. The Kanga bag also closes and hold your belonging securely with one more knot in the middle. Grab the two long ends and make a small knot.

March 29, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Six

If you are just tuning into the Vivacious Kanga Diaries, welcome! Check out Day One through five, truly not to be missed. I am wearing a six year old Kanga today, look how vibrant the color still is...? A primary characteristic of the multi-use organic cotton fabric is that it gets softer and more beautiful with time. This Kanga is a Bodacious and vibrant one of red, green and yellow textiles on it.

For my fashionistas out there, this is a "Balance Line Kanga Dress". This is a very comfortable yet ultra chic and fashionable look that can be worn in the day time or for cocktails or a night out. I tied the corners on the short sides of the Kanga around my torso, then folded it and tied it again around my waist. As you can see from images below its tied twice again down the front to create the perfect "Balance Line". Check out pictures below...What do you think?

Where can you pick up a Kanga?
12 Lions Studio,
684 Broadway NYC
(Corner of Broadway and Great Jones)

Day Six: The Kanga as a Balance Line Dress
There are three knots on the Center Front to make the "Balance Line"
Kangas are sooo much fun, they make a great light-weight accessory all year round!

March 28, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Five

Wow! Day Five of the Vivacious Kanga Diaries. I am wearing my mum's Kanga today (I borrowed it indefinitely, ha) as an over sized bolero. The fabric is stunning in orange and black with the intricate textiles on it. I've had this Kanga for years! Look how vibrant the color still is... Truly a Yamerra Treasure.

This is a very relaxed and fashionable look that anyone can pull off with a little black dress and a Kanga in their favorite colors. I tied the corners on the short sides of the Kanga and threw the "bolero" over my little black dress. My hands go through the new holes created on the left and right of the Kanga. You will also see images where I looped a belt around my waist to help hold the fabric in place. Check out pictures below...What do you think?

Where can you pick up a Kanga?
12 Lions Studio,
684 Broadway NYC
(Corner of Broadway and Great Jones)

Day Four: The Kanga Bolero and that little black dress

Be creative with your Kanga, pair it with your favorite little black dress... Great look for a breezy evening out

March 26, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Three

So we are at Day Three of the "How to rock your Kanga" Guide! Sooo excited! You think to yourself, "what else can I do with the vibrant rectangular organic cotton fabric?" We say there's so much more!

Today, I decided to wear another Kanga, blue-black and stunning (from my grandma), as a skirt. I wrapped it around my waist, belted it, and tied the bottom corners into a bow at the bottom to give the skirt a shape. What do you think? This is an over-the-knee style that is cute enough to wear to work in the summer. See images below of me in my blue-black, work/ after work ensemble:

Where can you pick up a Kanga and start trying out your own ideas?

12 Lions Studio,
684 Broadway NYC
(Corner of Broadway and Great Jones)

Day 3: The Kanga as a Skirt 
The Kanga is wrapped around the waist, belted, then tied at the bottom, close to the knee

March 25, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Two

If you are just joining us on the 7 Day Guide to using your Kanga, welcome! The Kanga is a Yamerra Treasure. The user-friendly, sustainable organic cotton fabric is from East Africa; particularly, Tanzania. It can be used for a variety of things. Follow us on our blog to find out how!

I decided to wear one of my hottie's Kanga's today. His is a unisex color of black and white and was the perfect accessory on this cold and dreary 50 degree day in New York. The Kanga is super light-weight, yet provided the warmth I need today.

Where Can you pick up a one of a kind Kanga?:
12 Lions Studio
684 Broadway, NY NY 10012

Day 2: The Kanga as a Neck Wrap/ Scarf

Let it flow: The Kanga makes for an ultra fashionable and sustainable accessory

March 24, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York

For all my Kanga lovers in New York and beyond... I promised to do Kanga 101 tutorial. Here it is!

The light-weight Tanzanian fabric is created in organic cotton, super light-weight and comes in vivacious colors. Anyone can use a Kanga! The rectangular cloth opens itself to a variety of uses, all year round too! Are you a beach bum? Or a consistent park-goer? May be you live in weather that allows scarf-wearing...? The Kanga can be used by any of these people!

The Kanga is a Yamerra Treasure promised to make the user smile a little more, look more vibrant and is a definite conversation starter. Starting today, Yamerra promises a 7 Days Guide to Rockin' your Kanga, in all types of ways, even using it around the house too.

Where Can you pick up a one of a kind Kanga?:
12 Lions Studio
684 Broadway, NY NY 10012

Day 1: The Kanga As a Head Wrap

 Wear your Kanga as an accessory to your already ultra fashionable and fabulous wardrobe.

March 20, 2012

Yamerra Opens its First Mini Store @ 12 LIONS STUDIO NYC

As featured in The Daily News New York, 12 LIONS STUDIO is a luxury Artisan House featuring the finest local designers in the city. As the NY Daily News describes, 12 Lions Studio, is a new retail space for local artisans who don’t have a brick-and-mortar storefront from which to sell their creations. Read more in the NY Daily News here.

The well-lit, exquisitely designed studio features the Eco-Luxury skin and hair care brand YAMERRA, high-end accessories and jewelry by Eva Shaw Designs, Oh-so-soft naturally dyed hand-woven raw silk scarfs and original illustrations woven into clothing for adults and children by Juli Raja. Skunk Funk; a luxury clothing line among 9 other excellently crafted goods by skilled independent designer products can be found.

New York Daily News: *Correction: YAMERRA'S closed headquarters and studios are located in Chinatown, LES, NYC

12 LIONS STUDIO is open all year round, from Thursdays through Sundays, from 11am-8pm. Join us to check out the latest HOT Artisan Shops in New York. Experience (affordable) Luxury Shopping at its finest.

WHERE: 684 Broadway, NY NY 10012 (Corner of Great Jones and Broadway)

March 11, 2012

A Well Kept Secret...Until Now

Yamerra is opening an ultra fab mini store in NOHO this year! YES. The light-filled loft space, close to the NYU Campus, and surrounded by fashion stores and great food, will be hosting about 20 independent designers and the most fashionable things in NY! You must come and check it out we open March 15th.
                               The Tanzanian Kanga. Photo By Daniel Virella
Our store will be an organic mix of all things Yamerra and some of our favorite things from all over the world. We will feature Yamerra's nutrient-rich products for men and women, ultra fashionable hand-made Eco-Luxury jewelry pieces, Exclusive Tanzanian Kanagas; a lightweight cotton rectangular fabric with endless uses, vivaciously colorful and engraved with a Swahili Proverb (to die for in the summer!!!!) and much more! You must come out and check it out soon!

STORE OPENING: March 15th, 2012
684 Broadway, Corner of Broadway and Great Jones, NYC

March 7, 2012

Three Secrets to Fashionable AND Sustainable Living

The socially conscious and green fashion trends are making huge waves. We see small non-brands and other bigger fashion house brands making strides toward global consciousness and sustainable development in design.  While in the past, using the words "sustainable",  and "eco-conscious" in the same sentence with "fashion", was hard to find, in 2012, it is becoming the "in" thing. The keenness building—among both designers and consumers—indicates that socially responsible fashion may be more than a short-lived trend.
                                                     Image from

Love for fashion and concern for the global community have not been mutually exclusive before now. But we must admit, when looking for clothing made with sustainable principles and products, the selection has been slim, historically. So how does an industry that changes with the seasons turn over a new socially mindful leaf? We have identified 3 Secrets to remaining fashionable yet living sustainably:
  • Staying Cruelty-Free: It’s not enough to know that our clothing wasn't produced in sweatshops; we also have to think about the origins of the raw materials. Designers and consumers alike now want to know that their pieces are violence and cruelty-free. Socially conscious fashion trends require attention to every step of the production process. 
  • Reduce. Re-use. Recycle:  Fashionistas reinvent and copy themselves all the time. Taking this idea of recycling style one step further, some fashion designers are finding ways to use recycled and discarded materials in their designs. Less energy is used in production and produces less waste.
   Recycled Yamerra Packaging. Leave a "Secret to staying fashionable and socially aware to Enter to WIN $36.00 Set 
  • Finding New Material: According to the World Bank, "Cotton accounts for 16 percent of global insecticide releases—more than any other single crop." Thus, clothing manufacturers and designers have begun exploring different materials altogether. Textile manufacturers are using bamboo, soy and wood pulp to create environmentally sound alternatives to cotton fabric. Additionally, many fashion designers are using traditional, natural dyes as a part of their efforts to create sustainable fashion. We too, can find more earth-friendly materials to enhance our fashion palettes.
Can you share more Secrets to being fashionable and yet Sustainably?  First 10 Responses/Comments ENTER TO win Yamerra's 3-piece gift st valued at $36.00! Winner choosen March 15th. Good luck!