August 31, 2012

Fashion Fest with YAMERRA @ 12 Lions Studio

I am so happy to invite you to the home of Yamerra, 12 Lions Studio in Soho, NYC. Yamerra will be welcoming the Fall and celebrating Fashion in style. We invite you to join us and celebrate at 12 Lions Studio. There will be much laughter to share, wine to be drank, and one-of-a-kind gift items to snag!
Yamerra will be offering a FREE MYSTERY GIFT to the first 25 shoppers! Don't be late, this gift is all natural, and oh-so-luxurious!

Yamerra @ 12 Lions Studio
684 Broadway, 
Corner of Great Jones and Broadway, 
NY NY 10012

August 7, 2012

Beauty Essentials for Girls On-The-Go

I have been on four planes in the last five days. While this is all very exciting (I love traveling), my skin and hair take a beating if I do not give them a little extra T.L.C.

My top beauty rituals and DIY ways to remaining radiant, with luscious locks include:

Hydrating: Drinking water ALWAYS does the trick! Whether you find yourself in a high altitude climates like in Mexico City, or in hot and humid climates on Montreal, drinking water keeps the skin and hair in good form.  Drinking water while flying long distances especially helps the skin to rejuvenate and keeps dryness at bay. Embolden that glow to skin level by staying hydrated on the go.
Consistently hydrating throughout your travel day makes a big difference for your skin and hair.

Moisturizing: Applying a vitamin rich moisturizer, to the skin and hair always helps as well. I use my Yamerra Eco-Luxe Mini while I'm on the go. It comes in a nice, user-friendly size (well under the required 3oz for air planes) and is long-lasting. You can very easily use the Yamerra Mini for the hair and skin, as it is designed as a 2-in-1. Our Eco-Luxe Mini's come in a variety of restorative essential oils and scents.

Are you looking for something invigorating, to give you that boost while you have been sitting on that six hour flight to London? Our fresh Lemon Fire Bliss Lemongrass is for you... Or are you looking for a relaxing, calming balm that may induce a great 30 minute nap while on that short flight  to Toronto from New York? Our Honey Vanilla Butter is just the thing.

Pick up a Yamerra Eco-Luxe Mini online at OR at our store location in New York:
684 Broadway,
Corner of great Jones Street and Broadway,
NY 10012

Remember ladies, radiant skin and luscious locks are Always in Season. Love your Skin... Hair, Love you!

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