July 30, 2011

New Release! Yamerra Facial Serum

Hello Everyone, I am so excited to share with you the release of our new Yamerra Natural Facial Serum!

It is so delectable for your skin especially those battling oily skin or skin that is prone to breakouts. It is rich in primrose, jojoba oil, shea butter, apricot oil, Vitamin A and E, as well as many more natural ingredients from our rich earth. Because it is packed with loads of vitamins, it adds the right amount of moisture to make your skin radiant. One of the amazing things about this serum is that it helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, shrinks pores, and helps prevent future breakouts.  Also, because it is so rich and creamy, just a tiny dullop goes a long way to add moisture to the face and the neck. Plus, it doesn't leave a greasy finish. Here is what one of our customers who is currently using it said about it:

"Yamerra's Facial Serum is AMAZING! My skin is looking so radiant! All my friends keep saying to me 
' Your skin looks really good! What are you using?' I was instructed by Maryam to use a tiny bit because it is so rich and she was so right. I use a tiny bit, less than a dime is enough to moisturize my entire face and neck. My skin has never looked better! I have never had these results with any face moisturizer. Usually face moisturizers for oily skin leave my skin feeling tight and not moisturized enough, but Yamerra's Serum is fantastic!"

The difference between the Yamerra Natural Facial Serum and a regular moisturizer is that typical moisturizers have large molecules that can only penetrate the first layer of the skin, allowing them to only hydrate and seal in moisture. However, our Natrual Facial Serum penetrates three layers of the skin because it is made of smaller molecules. Our serum has the ability to go deeper into the skin which is why it helps combat many common beauty complaints such as acne and blemishes. So, if you are battling breakouts you and your skin will love Yamerra.

If you are in the area, you can find our Yamerra Natural Facial Serum exclusively at:

Made By Hand Art Gallery in Philadelphia
112 South Street
Philadelphia PA 19147.

We will be hosting a launch party to celebrate the new release. Keep checking the blog for  updates about the event and new product info!

July 14, 2011

Here Comes the Bride...Wedding Season Is Here!

Wedding season is among us. I am almost certain that most of you are thinking about what to get for the bride in your life. Or perhaps many of you brides are wondering what to gift to your bridal party for all of their patience and hard work. What is the most precious gift that you can give to either of these wonderful women whether they are brides or bridesmaids, while not breaking the bank? Clear, smooth, and radiant skin! Yamerra's creamy butters are sure to help achieve the look of supple skin.  Our delicious scents are loaded with aromatherapy too help calm any jitters before the big day! Which flavor you ask? Our In Spring Lusciousness: Peach Peppermint and Sultry: Mango are amazing scents to keep them fresh throughout the joyful occasion.

July 7, 2011

Yamerra Attends the 2011 HBA Global Beauty Expo

The Yamerra family recently attended the HBA Global Beauty Expo at Jacob Javits Center. This is a major beauty and skincare event for companies in the industry from all over the world. There were over 200 companies representing and displaying new and upcoming beauty products and trends. This is such an important event because it features a wide spectrum of new ingredients, solutions, supplier resources in order to help beauty companies discover and provide what consumers really want when it comes to skincare and beauty maintenance.

The event hosted several seminars which included, "The Future of Skincare" "What Women Want", and celebrity makeup artist Eve Pearl did a lecture on the latest makeup tips for 2012. There were also some companies that featured green alternatives to packaging such as Tarte Cosmetics which uses Bamboo instead of plastic to package products. As you know, Yamerra is definitely a fan of this effort to reduce the use of plastic!  

After listening to beauty experts and companies attempt to figure out how to please and satisfy the consumer year after year, I ask you readers two questions:  Do you think that skincare and beauty companies continue to satisfy the needs of consumers as it pertains to beauty and skincare? Do you think something is missing?