February 23, 2013

Wellness Fix: Pure Honey and Fresh Lemon to the Rescue

In the past week, I've been sick with a dreadful bout of sore throat, voice loss, sniffles, coughing (uncomfortable, mostly at night...The worst), and aches.   It’s likely that working too much and neglecting nutrition probably left my immune system even more susceptible to getting sick. 

We can avoid getting sick by maintaining a good diet and taking vitamins? Mum's advice on one sure way to keep the "cooties" at bay (and this is super easy): 

Every morning, have a spoonful of raw honey (in raw form, it should be a pale yellow color and very thick) with organic cinnamon sprinkled over it. Try to take this before breakfast and it’ll ramp up your defenses! Take it straight and not in your tea; it’ll just turn to sugar once in the tea. This is a preventative way to boost our immune system.

Another way, more reactive than proactive- and I find this helps especially with voice loss is taking a shot of freshly squeezed Lemon (2 tablespoons will do). Follow directly with a teaspoon of honey.

Leave us a quick comment on how YOU boost your immune system. We'd love to hear from you.

~ Maryam 

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