October 15, 2009

Yamerra Holiday Sale!

The season for gift giving and receiving is well on it's way! Yamerra is participating in welcoming the fall! Stop by any of these locations where Yamerra is on sale for $8.00. This 1oz jar will last you a little over 4 weeks! Guaranteed! Pick a scent in your favorite blend- Are you spicy- full of life and energetic? Lemon-Fire Bliss Lemongrass increase your energy level and heal your skin of scars, common fungal infections such as eczema and psoriasis. Are you wickedly naughty- sultry, sensual yet sweet and flirtatious? Sultry Mango is the butter for you, it caresses your skin, softening and moisturizing. Be bold, be daring, Bibodacious with Yamerra's BiBodacious Tangerine Grape. This refreshing butter will nourish your hair as well as your skin! The nettle herbs in it will do wonders for your scars! Find the right blend for you- Go to and get your "Pot of Gloriousness now!":

Big Green Earth Store
9th and South (934)
South Street- Philadelphia

Made By Hand Art Gallery
113 South Street


  1. is everything $8? where can I find out how much this stuff costs? And does everything only come in 1oz size? Do you have a website other than this blog?

  2. This is a great product--feels great on my skin, smells good, and is all natural...keep it coming!

  3. Hi there Anonymous! Please email me directly- yamerra@gmail.com- and I will send you a full price/product list! Nothing is $8.00- That was a special promotion for the holidays for the 1oz jars. I can produce Yamerra products up to 8oz big (Upon special request only). The standard sizes range from 1/2oz-4oz. Happy New Year!