April 12, 2010

Yamerra in Spring!

Hi there Yamerra Family and Friends :)

We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for your incredible support. We are providing an Eco friendly, earth conscious product and are so glad that you are now an ambassador out there in the world- encouraging the use of organic and natural products, specifically Yamerra, for everyday use.

Some of the highlights from this weekend past...

This pretty lady was so excited about her new energizing and refreshing Be Bodacious Tangerine Grapefriut! Simply invigorating! Try it sometime! It is rejuvenating, contains a natural sunscreen and can be used on the hand, lips and in the hair! Yummmmmm!

Our two young friends, brother and sister, finally decided that the would share both hair and body butter, and the luxurious Shea body soap. Skin softening Sultry Mango was the winner of the day! There is love in sharing, and Yamerra is all about love and sharing :)

This handsome gentleman, Rob, purchased our spicy Lemon Fire Bliss Shea body soap and complimenting citrus- spring fresh Sultry Mango too! My guess- he is a Lemon Fire Man at heart! Let Yamerra spice things up in your bathroom! Also try our new Sultry Knight Chocolate Peppermint Shea Body Soap, its ecstasy in a bar of soap! Seriously!

This awesome lady was happy to leave the Yamerra booth with her soothing, lightly scented, Home Sweet Home Honey Vanilla Hair and Body Butter. "Foot massage, here I come!" All she needed was Yamerra mini travel size- easy to carry, ready to be used anywhere! She was definitely Our Client of The Day!

Yamerra is luxurious, yet affordable Skincare+Haircare for all! Go green! Be more earth conscious, join the Yamerra Revolution- Love the earth, Love your skin, Love your hair...Love You!

Order via email/Phone: yamerra@gmail.com/1 646 256 6944


  1. Hi,
    I bought the Sultry Knight Chocolate Peppermint soap on Sunday. It was sitting in my room "still shrink wrapped) and the aroma has filled my room with a wonderful scent! So I opened it and used it the next morning when I showered and it left my skin feeling moisturized as appose to my old soap which dried out my skin. And I smell amazing! Thank you so much I will have to buy more soon!


  2. Still lovin my grapefruit tangerine shea butter. It really is great for the hair and I use it for my hands evenings for the aromatherapy. Ordering more!!!