June 19, 2010

Yamerra @ Union Square!!!!!!!!!

Happy Summer Yamerra Family + Crew!

We, at Yamerra wanted to say  personally that it was a pleasure meeting you at our promo-table/booth by Union Square Park- NYC. (Corner of 14th Street and University place). If you have had a chance to try out your new, incredibly luxurious all natural product, you know by now that a little goes a long way!

Yamerras travel size mini's are perfect to move around with during the summer. Yamerra products carry a natural, non-chemical sunscreen that can be used on the lips, face, in the hair... basically ALL over the body!
One needs only a little at a time- you should not feel oily, greasy, heavy or weighed down when you use our products... If you do, you are using entirely too much. Yamerra products should be cherished and used like little Pots of Luxury they are. You should feel soft, soothed, moisturized and smell delectable when using our products.

If your Yamerra Hair+Body Butter melts because of the heat- never fear! It is even more nutritious when melted :). It is just easier to carry and handle when solid as a butter. It is poured into special heat sensitive jars and the heat does not ruin the quality of the product. One should seal the mini travel size completely tight and shut before packing it in a carry on/purse/murse (man bag :))/book bag for the day. To solidify after melting pop your Pot of Luxury into the freezer for about 2 hrs- good as new!

Our best seller at our promotion in Union Square this week was hands down the Lemon Fire Bliss Lemongrass! It is incredibly refreshing and aroma-therapeutic. It carries a very pleasing, but strong high citrus scent of Lemongrass and Verbena. Our Lemongrass is a rejuvenating, energy booster and healing salve. It is great for shaving bumps, bruises, scars, eczema and psoriasis. It can also be used specifically as an after shave balm for men. It stops the ingrown hairs from developing on the face and other shaven areas of the body. Please stop by our booth this weekend ( this Saturday Only)- Located @:

Waverly Place
Btw Broadway and 5th Avenue

There will be a street shut-down and mini fair. Yamerra will be in attendance with amazing products to share, and special sales and discounts. Don't Miss it! If you do, you can also find Yamerra @:

89 East Houston and Bowery

For special requests and direct orders/inquiries:
1 646 256 6944

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