June 30, 2010

Yamerra Liberty Day Specials/Sales!

Hello Yamerra Family + Friends :)

Happy 4th of July! We have amazing specials and promotions to celebrate the Summer :) You can now purchase double the quantity of Yamerras Travel Size Mini's at the price of one!  With this offer, you will get one larger sized jar- instead of two jars of the same product! Why waste huh?!

This larger sized jar, just like the Yamerra mini, is also very easy to travel with as well. Our Hair + Body Butters are recommended for use during the Summer because of it's natural Sunscreen properties. In addition to the 2 for 1 special, Yamerra is also having a Special Offer on our soaps. 

Yamerra soaps are incredibly luxurious, especially during the Summer. They refresh, rejuvenate, moisturize, soften and cleanse all in one! What's not to love ?! For a limited time, and in certain scents, Yamerra Luxury Shea Body Bars come in an amazing 6oz Shea Soap Lug! Huge and Chunky, and oh so sudsy in the shower.

Our Ultimate Package deal, original price: $87.50/ retail: $68.00 includes: 

(2) Larger Travel Size Mini 
Hair + Body Butters-                            (1/2oz x 4 = $48.00)
(1) 4oz Hair + Body Butter                                    - ($25.00)
(1) 6oz Shea Soap                                                   - ($14.50)

(Offer Only available by direct order via phone: 646 256 6944/ email: yamerra@gmail.com)

Yamerra lovers, this is a great steal and also a great time to buy a luxurious, earth friendly product for that special person. Don't Miss it! * Offer(s) expire July 20th, 2010*

Our Products:
Yamerra provides Luxurious She Butter products that are meticulously packaged by hand. This is a very significant fact. The butters are all hand poured in small batches. Some slight variations may occur in size and color (from added herbs). The superiority of the product remains wholly the same.

Be Bodacious Tangerine Grape- The tangerine grape hair and body butter is designed to restore,  invigorate and improve skin elasticity and nourish the hair.This is an emollient butter that works very well to shorten and lighten stretchmarks as well. It is a stimulating blend of Shea butter, nutrient oils high in vitamin E, natural essences of tangerine, grapefruit, magnolia and a hint of patchouli. Available in a butter, 1/2oz/4oz and 4oz soap.

Price: 1/2oz - $12.00
             4oz- $ 25.00 
    4oz Soap- $ 12.00


Lemon Fire Bliss: Healing Lemongrass- This is considered Yamerra's ultimate healing salve. It will heal the skin from the inside out. It is blended with 100% Shea butter, sweet almond oil, burdock, chickweed, nettle, red clover, yellow dock root Vitamin E, and natural essences of lemongrass. It is effective in healing conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry and itchy skin, fungal infections like athletes' foot. Available in a butter, 1/2oz/4oz and 4oz soap.

Price: 1/2oz - $12.00
             4oz- $ 30.00 
    4oz Soap- $ 12.00


Sultry Mango- This butter is designed to alleviate dryness for the whole body as well as enrich and soften the hair. It is uniquely formulated with a blend of 100% Shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, Vitamin E, essential oils of mango oranges and pineapples. Available in a butter, 1/2oz/4oz and 4oz soap.

Sultry Night Chocolate Mango- This butter is designed to soften the skin as well as moisturize and soften the hair. It is uniquely formulated with a blend of 100% Shea butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, organic flavor oils of chocolate, Vitamin E, essential oils of mango oranges and pineapples. Available in a butter, 1/2oz butter/4oz butter. (Please specify in notes when paying in check out section whether you are interested in Chocolate Mango or Pure Mango/ Send email to yamerra@gmail.com to specify that you have paid for and would like Sultry Night Chocolate Mango).

Price: 1/2oz - $12.00
             4oz- $ 25.00 
    4oz Soap- $ 12.00


Home Sweet Home: Honey Vanilla- This is a smoothing, skin strengthening butter. It is primarily designed for sensitive skin and may be used on the face. This butter includes a rich blend of 100% Shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, pure honey, natural essences of vanilla and Vitamin E. Available in a butter, 1/2oz/4oz and 4oz soap.

Price: 1/2oz - $12.00
             4oz- $ 25.00 
    4oz Soap- $ 12.00


Sensual Bliss Jasmine Sage- This butter moisturizes the skin and stimulates our natural body oils. It carries a very sexy, earthy and subtle scent which consists of Shea butter,  jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, pure jojoba wax, pure candella wax, essential oils of cedarwood, oil balm of Peru, oil sage dalmation, ylang ylang, jasmine absolute, patchouli. Vitamin E. In the hair, Sensual Bliss leaves it shiny and moisturized. Available in a butter, 4oz and 4oz soap.

Price:  1/2oz - $12.00          
             4oz - $ 25.00 
     4oz Soap- $ 12.00



Shipping: 10-14 business days
Rate: $12.00 Flat rate

For questions about ordering Yamerra Products/ or to place order via phone:
1646 256 6944/yamerra@gmail.com

June 19, 2010

Yamerra @ Union Square!!!!!!!!!

Happy Summer Yamerra Family + Crew!

We, at Yamerra wanted to say  personally that it was a pleasure meeting you at our promo-table/booth by Union Square Park- NYC. (Corner of 14th Street and University place). If you have had a chance to try out your new, incredibly luxurious all natural product, you know by now that a little goes a long way!

Yamerras travel size mini's are perfect to move around with during the summer. Yamerra products carry a natural, non-chemical sunscreen that can be used on the lips, face, in the hair... basically ALL over the body!
One needs only a little at a time- you should not feel oily, greasy, heavy or weighed down when you use our products... If you do, you are using entirely too much. Yamerra products should be cherished and used like little Pots of Luxury they are. You should feel soft, soothed, moisturized and smell delectable when using our products.

If your Yamerra Hair+Body Butter melts because of the heat- never fear! It is even more nutritious when melted :). It is just easier to carry and handle when solid as a butter. It is poured into special heat sensitive jars and the heat does not ruin the quality of the product. One should seal the mini travel size completely tight and shut before packing it in a carry on/purse/murse (man bag :))/book bag for the day. To solidify after melting pop your Pot of Luxury into the freezer for about 2 hrs- good as new!

Our best seller at our promotion in Union Square this week was hands down the Lemon Fire Bliss Lemongrass! It is incredibly refreshing and aroma-therapeutic. It carries a very pleasing, but strong high citrus scent of Lemongrass and Verbena. Our Lemongrass is a rejuvenating, energy booster and healing salve. It is great for shaving bumps, bruises, scars, eczema and psoriasis. It can also be used specifically as an after shave balm for men. It stops the ingrown hairs from developing on the face and other shaven areas of the body. Please stop by our booth this weekend ( this Saturday Only)- Located @:

Waverly Place
Btw Broadway and 5th Avenue

There will be a street shut-down and mini fair. Yamerra will be in attendance with amazing products to share, and special sales and discounts. Don't Miss it! If you do, you can also find Yamerra @:

89 East Houston and Bowery

For special requests and direct orders/inquiries:
1 646 256 6944

June 17, 2010

Yamerra in the Sun!!!!!!!!!

Hello Yamerra Family + Crew...

It's June and the summer is bringing the heat on! Stay cool with Yamerra's incredibly luxurious Sultry Knight Chocolate Peppermint Soap... Or even our yummy Sultry Mango that is refreshing and energizing :)
Yamerra Shea Body Soaps leave one feeling clean, moisturized (without the filmy feeling to your skin), rejuvenated and smelling scrumptious!

Yamerra will have a booth set up this summer @ the corner of 14th Street and University Place by Union Square- Every Thursday and Friday starting in July 2010. We will be giving really amazing discounts and sales to usher you into the sexy summer vibe! Do not miss it.... Yamerra products make the perfect gift for mother, father, daughter, son , friends, lovers, even your boss! It's affordable luxurious Skincare +Haircare for all to enjoy!

These are some highlights from our event at Nolita Soho this weekend past. If you are unable to catch us tomorrow, Friday- June 18th, 2010... Please stop by any of these locations to try out our Hair+Body Butters or Shea Body Soaps....

89 East Houston and Bowery

305 East 9th Street
Astor Place

Or visit us on Saturday by Waverly Place... We would love to have you! Yamerra- Love your hair, Love your skin...Love you :)