August 13, 2011

Going Green in New York...Help build a sustainable environment.

Hi there! We have been thinking of more and more ways to conserve energy, generate less waste, and be more efficient in the way we utilize our resources at Yamerra. Please Join us in the campaign to sustain the environment.

Wit the Sun so high... blazing hot this summer (although the last few days have been cooler in NYC), we can conserve energy by drying our clothes outside! This is a great idea especially for New Yorkers that have the luxury of having a backyard :)

Setting up a clothesline is a great way to save on energy. Electric or gas clothes dryers consume energy, and the heat discharged into your home even with a properly ventilated dryer can create additional work for your air conditioning system in the summer months. Clotheslines of many kinds can be found at nearly any home improvement store. Some are set into holes in the ground outdoors, and others can be hung from inside or outside walls. You can even install one in your shower... If you have a tiny apartment as is the usual for NYC!

That is one creative way to install a clothesline in an apartment or rented property. There's no need to dig a big hole in the ground, and you may not even have the space or backyard to do so (especially my fellow New Yorkers!)

Join the Yamerra Revolution! Keep track of how many new "green" and Eco-conscious habits you can develop before the summer is out! We hope we have started you on your "green-list"!

"Being Eco-Conscious is ULTRA FASHIONABLE, " (Yamerra, 2011).

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