October 17, 2012

Give Sustainable. Gift Sustainable

I was moved to discuss more sustainable, gift-giving ideas when I traded a sustainable item The Yamerra Kanga for a Double sided Silk woven scarf with a friend and designer, juli raja hand built by Juli Raja.

 juli raja hand built was founded is centered on the handwoven, block printed textiles in luxurious, sustainable fabrics (cotton and oh-so-soft silk thread), was started in 2008 and created by her family's company in Kolkata, India.  
Silk Woven Scarf. Image from Juliraja.com
I am absolutely enthralled with my hand woven silk scarf from Juli. Its soft, warm, vibrant in color (you know I love my vivacious colors) and double-sided in all it's gloriousness! 
I'm wearing my vibrant silk woven scarf by Juli Raja. L.O.V.E.!!!
Its a sustainable gift (because manufacturing silk into fabric is sustainable. Silk worms are used to obtain the silk, which is obviously sustainable, as long as silk worms are around.) The double-sided scarves by juli raja (like my own), are made from silk are only produced small batches of fabric, each print a limited edition.

Mackey, Juli Raja and Me all wearing Juli Raja
I encourage you to visit juli raja hand built at:

12 Lions Studio
684 Broadway & Great Jones.  
NY 10012
Th-Su 11a-8p

Cant make it there: Read more about juli raja and purchase a fashionable, well-designed, comforting and comfortable scarf here

Other sustainable gift-giving ideas:

There are many local artists and crafters (in NY) that can help you fill the void. Handmade items from specialty stores and Independent Designer Hubs like 12 Lions Studio offer sustainable, one-of-a-kind gift items. Plus, buying locally contributes to the region’s economy and supports local artists.

Some ideas include:

Give an experience
Take someone to a play or concert (I would recommend FELA on Broadway- it was amazing, but now long gone)! Make gift certificates for a special dinner, pet sitting or house cleaning. Offer your skills at gardening, photography or financial planning. Sign someone up for lessons in music or a foreign language or sport. Better yet, teach someone one of your hobbies – swimming, origami (with reusable paper) or playing the piano, for example. Both the recipient and the landfill will thank you.
Other sustainable gift ideas
  • Promote reuse – give antiques or unique retro items.
  •  Buy carbon offsets for travel. 
  •  Build or buy a compost bin.
  •  Give a native plant for the house or garden.

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