January 5, 2013

Did You Know... Yamerra is now available at CornerStone Healing Spa in BK!!!!!

Yamerra has a new home in Brooklyn! CornerStone Healing. Based in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Cornerstone  Healing  is  dedicated  to providing holistic quality patient care that incorporates both Western and Eastern philosophies. 

At CornerStone, healing practices come together to support a healthy, preventative lifestyle in a peaceful, supportive environment. You may choose from Chinese medicineChiropracticYogaHolistic Wellness counseling, Child Psychology, MassageSkincareFacials, and The Brow Room.

It is the perfect place to House Yamerra's All Natural, Eco-Luxury treats for Hair and Skin. Our offerings are particularly beneficial during the winter months and really help to restore balance and strength to dry and tired hair and skin.

Visit CornerStone Healing to try one of their healing treatments... Or pick up one of our favorites of 2013 already- A bottle of our Greet Rejuvenating Hair and Body Oil (over 8oz of a luxurious fresh herb blend to soothe and strengthen the skin and hair) at CornerStone today!
Yamerra's Green Tea and Moringa Hair and Body Oil Blend. Long-lasting and luxurious. Try it!!!

                 476 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY
                 (718) 254-4075 

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