April 16, 2013

Did You Know Roses Make an Excellent Natural Facial Toner? Here's how to Make Some!


I was inspired to share my new Rosewater Toner recipe. It has left my skin feeling supple and firm. Roses have been used for centuries in beauty rituals and products! This DIY rosewater toner is easy to make and definitely a treat to use. It makes a gentle and all-natural face toner for almost all skin types, and it’s easy and inexpensive to make (about $5).

Supplies: 2 roses for about one packed cup of rose petals (be sure to rinse the petals first), 2 cups boiling water
1 strainer, 1 large, sterilized glass container (large enough to hold 2 cups of liquid) with a tight-fitting lid.
  1. Remove the rinsed rose petals from the roses and place them in a small pan.
  2. Pour two cups of boiling water over the petals and put a lid on the pan. Allow the water and petals to sit until the water cools to about room temperature.
  3. Place the strainer over a large, sterilized glass container and pour the water into the container.
  4. Optional: Add some of the rosewater to a small, sterilized glass container with a lid for a more convenient size to use in your bathroom.
  5. Store extra rosewater in the refrigerator for about a week.
  6. Apply the rosewater toner to a clean face before moisturizing.

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