August 10, 2013



We Welcome you to the Yamerra Kanga SALE! The light-weight Tanzanian fabric is created in organic cotton, super light-weight and comes in vivacious colors. Anyone can use a Kanga! The rectangular cloth opens itself to a variety of uses, all year round too! Are you a beach bum? Or a consistent park-goer? May be you live in weather that allows scarf-wearing...? The Kanga can be used by any of these people!
The Yamerra Kanga: Multi-functional, vibrant, easy-to-use. Want one?
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The Kanga is a Yamerra Treasure promised to make the user smile a little more, look more vibrant and is a definite conversation starter. Check out ways to wear your Kanga here

Polka Orange Party On SALE:  $34.00 (Regular $40)

Polka Blue Party On SALE:  $34.00 (Regular $40)

All Checkered Blue and Yellow On SALE: $34.00 (Regular $40)

White Flowers of Red Valley On SALE:  $34.00 (Regular $40) 

Orange Daisies of The Black Vale On SALE:  $34.00 (Regular $40)

Green Dots Yellow Festival On SALE:  $34.00 (Regular $40)

Stripes For All On SALE:  $34.00 (Regular $40)

Yellow Field On SALE: $34.00 (Regular $40)

Orange Brown Posies On SALE: $34.00 (Regular $40)

Pink Lilly On SALE: $34.00 (Regular $40)

Shipping: 3-5 Days from order date.
Care Instructions: Wash in cold water with like colors. Hang dry.

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