July 1, 2013

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Exclusive 4th of JULY SALES on your favorite Eco-friendly Products at Yamerra!

Snatch This Deal:
  • 4 of our long-lasting, 2-in-1 hair and body butters for $36
  • Regularly $12 each, so one is FREE, on us!
  • In the kit: Honey Vanilla, Lavender, Jasmine Sage, and Lemongrass


  1. This is going to sound sorta silly but can you add water or anything to make the product spread a little more?

    1. Hello there, upon application, you can easily add organic coconut oil or jojoba oil. OR Yamerra is releasing an ultra light hydrating hair and body milk in Honey Vanilla and Jasmine Sage (we will have a flash sale here on the blog first). This blend is nutrient-rich, yet very light on application for users like you. Keep tuning in, FLASH SALE soon.