June 22, 2011

Yamerra in Japan!

I am really excited to share the news that Yamerra was recently featured in a major Japanese publication: "RURUBU New York". This is a major fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine.  It has received raving reviews from Japanese trendsetters and mavens in the fashion and beauty industry. Japan first got a touch of Yamerra when I met several fashionable Japanese girls who were vacationing in New York City. Yamerra quickly caught wind among women looking for natural and eco-friendly alternatives to take care of their skin.

They expressed that Yamerra offered delicious scents that helped to solve many of their skin concerns. The favorite scent among the Japanese divas are Sultry Mango, Fresh Lemon Fire Bliss and of course the all time favorite for many, Home Sweet Home Honey Vanilla. It is now available at a major retailer in Japan!
Distributor in Japan: Kaori Suzuki 
Call to place an order:  +81-80-3129-5573

If interested in trying out our scents please visit the Yamerra website at www.yamerrastore.com. Or, if you are in the New York area, stop by the Young Designers Market at 268 Mulberry St (Saturday/ Sunday 11a-7p) in Soho or the Kings County General Store in Brooklyn (please see previous post for more info).


  1. Thanks for sharing it my friend, i might buy it when i go there.

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