June 29, 2011

Benefits of Embracing All Natural Skincare

Over the last decade, beauty companies have heavily relied on synthetic and harmful chemicals during the manufacturing of beauty products. Capitalism and sharp competition within the beauty industry is a primary reason for such heavy reliance on chemicals. Companies are aggressive about attracting consumers to purchase their products and so may use various chemicals that are ultimately harmful but nonethless may help to solve skin ailments although they may also have long term side effects. Rather, the beauty industry has an arsenal of about five thousand different chemicals that can be used for the manufacturing of products. These chemicals are not necessarily subject to approval by the FDA. The FDA reasons that because beauty products are not cosumed eternally or swallowed and the point of absorption is the skin, the FDA is less aggressive in regulating the industry. 

However, the FDA fails to acknowledge that skin is the body's largest organ and thus is susceptible to absorb everyday toxins in the environment as well as what is placed on the skin. Accordingly, over sixty percent of the chemicals in lotions, creams, and makeup will be absorbed through the skin and eventually enter the bloodstream. These products  have the potential to build up in the organs, such as the liver, and stay in the body for years.

It has become rather difficult to avoid purchasing products with harmful chemicals because companies have become more sophisticating in disguising  the true nature of ingredients or simply fail to include an ingredient. Moreover, some companies even abuse the term "natural". Therefore, it is up to the consumer to be aggresive in seeking truly natural products and conducting independent research to insure the credibility of a company that promises all natural products.

The use of natural and even organic products like Yamerra for skin care is beneficial because it avoids the buildup of unnatural chemicals and synthetic compounds in the body.  Natural products work so that the skin only absorbs elements found naturally. The use of natural products also helps the environment. One reason it is beneficial to the environment is that the manufacture process significantly reduces the amount of toxins released into the atmosphere that typical manufacturing emits. Also, natural products have proven effectiveness because they have continually been used for centuries in many cultures across the globe. For example, the Shea Butter found in all of Yamerr'a products has been used as a natural SPF for centuries in West Africa. It has also been used to help heal wounds, sooth aches and pains, and solve many skin ailments such as eczema, dander, and even acne. The bonus is there are no side effects, only radiant smooth skin!

Wonderfully, our planet Earth provides us humans with all that we need to thrive, and natural products like Yamerra expound on this by packaging the best the planet has to offer. If radiant and luscious skin is important to you, invest in natural products. You will not only be helping your skin, you will be helping to preserve and protect our beautiful Earth.

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