December 23, 2011

Yamerra's Fabulous Day @ EDRIS Salon NYC

Thank you all the special individuals, Yamerra clients that came to celebrate with us at EDRIS. Yamerra is also sending much love to all the new friends we made at EDRIS Salon, we encourage you to keep in touch, here on our blog, or on the website:

Please feel free to ask questions about your skin and hair needs, share your expereince with our products, give us feedback. It is from information you share that we are able to improve our products for all. Thank you for your business, we appreciate you.

EDRIS, the incredibly beautiful, soothing and ultra fashionable place that it is, was the perfect place to hold our very last event for 2011. Sending light and many thanks to our gracious host, especially that we were able to do a "sneak-peak" of one of our NEW products coming out next year: The Yamerra Conditioning Hair Mask. This product is to die for, you'll see.

                 Yamerra's Conditioning Hair Mask, COMING SOON!

Yamerra highly recommends the excellent services offered at EDRIS. High on our list of services we recommend are the manicures and pedicures, finished off with some of our Eco-Luxe products. For more information, visit EDRISSALON.COM 

                     Maryam Moma, Owner/Founder of Yamerra

Being Eco-Concious is Ultra Fashionable. Join the Yamerra Revolution. Be that person that lives Eco-concsicouly, ultra fashionably.


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