January 1, 2012

Living Sustainably in 2012

Happy New Year!

A toast to radiant skin, healthy hair and a more sustainable and Eco-friendly existence in 2012. How many have made a new year's resolution that involves picking up more sustainable habits?

Seriously, we all want to help the environment, but many times we are too busy with our daily lives to make the big changes that we think are needed to develop a more environmentally friendly culture. We don’t have time to lobby for climate change initiatives, or fit our houses with solar panels or flush-o-meters.

Join Yamerra this year and practice small steps, develop habits to promote Eco-conscious living:

1. Buy or MAKE your own cloth bags: We can all use cloth shopping bags at the grocers. This is a very easy habit. Paper or plastic? Paper is better, but cloth is even better than that.

2. Cancel the Catalogs: Recycling catalogs is an eco-friendly solution to this problem but much better solution would be to eliminate printing of unwanted catalogs. This will save millions of trees from being damaged.

3. Get a smaller TV if you must have one: The energy consumed by TVs varies with size of the screen. The bigger the screen, greater is its energy requirement. Reducing electricity consumption is a step towards sustainable living.

Enjoy 2012, live more sustainably. Being Eco-Conscious is Ultra Fashionable.

Love, Yamerra NYC

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