February 19, 2013

Try-This Tuesday: The Best Clear Skin Duo EVER!


For a long time, I have struggled with caring for my skin, having to change my habits and include regular exercise in my self-care routine. I have also had to look for (natural) skin care products for combination skin (as some parts of my face  I find more oily, and the other parts, dry). No one would know this to be the case (a skin-issue secret for me). 

I am excited to add that I have found the ultimate, all natural duo cleansing set to care for my face: Doterra's Clear Skin Set. It includes a Foaming Face Wash and A Topical Blend Essential oil stick for clear skin and break outs. All the herbs and essential oils used are therapeutic grade and do wonders for the skin. (These products are natural and work very well with Yamerra's Natural Facial Serum).

I absolutely LOVE these two products and plan to keep them in my skin care regimen for a long time. I have included these two pieces in my routine which also consists of taking natural supplements, Hair Skin and Nails, Moringa and Biotin. These supplements really do help restore balance and maintain radiance. Have you tried any of them? What are Your go-to choices to give that additional boost to your skin, hair?

Clear Skin Duo- Leave your skin strengthened,  fresh,  and revived. 
I recommend you try Doterra's Clear Skin Set. Soon, you will be able to purchase them here, on our blog.

~ Maryam 

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