February 12, 2013

BEAUTY Rx: Did You know Eating Grapefruits can make your skin GLOW?


Grapefruit is one of the many citrus fruits I enjoy for breakfast. It is rich in vitamin C. But the Grapefruit is different from other citrus fruits because it has "lycopene" (big word eh?... yes- I had to look it up too!), a known cancer-fighting chemical. You can also choose to juice your Grapefruit and enjoy it as a liquid. The juice provides the same benefits as eating grapefruit itself. Grapefruit also has unique phytochemicals (a.k.a. bioflavanoids) that help promote skin health and general health.

" A Grapfruit A Day Emboldens the Skin"

You can also enjoy Yamerra's rich blend of Tangerine and Grapefruit from here. It really helps to alleviate conditions such as dandruff, acne and rashes. The Grapefruit extracts found in Yamerra's Be Bodacious Hair and Body Blend can alleviate inflammation. Yamerra's Be Bodacious also helps reduce acne and breakouts. Our blend is also recommended to reduce stretch marks and scars.

Be Bodacious is nutrient-rich, strengthening and refreshing... Try some!

 Incorporate some power Grapefruit into your diet (permanently) and watch your energy levels rise and your skin start to glow!

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