March 9, 2013

BEAUTY Rx: Did You Know Yamerra's Sultry Mango is Excellent for Brittle Hair and Dry Skin?

I use quiet a number of natural beauty products as well as Yamerra's within my skin and hair regimen. While I have used Sultry Mango, my favorite Yamerra Eco-Luxe treats include Lemon-Fire Bliss Lemongrass (because its uplifting and invigorating with fresh tea tree for my dandruff and rosemary and burdock for my dry skin). I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Home Sweet Home Honey Vanilla. It is so gentle and mild, fresh and sensuous and I can use it head-to-toe, even on my face, lips and under my eyes (at night).

I noticed my hair was breaking last week and started using Yamerra's Sultry Mango. I have not used it in a while because I would usually go for Lemongrass or Honey Vanilla. Oh my! I forgot how amazing it is!!!! I washed and air dried my hair last night, and applied sparingly to my scalp and locks. Then I twisted hair into bantu knots.

This morning, my hair smelled so fresh and felt so so soft! My deep Mango conditioning treatment has really helped to stop the breaking too, reducing brittleness and softening my locks! Check out a review below by NaturallyNellzy (5k plus followers on YouTube, natural beauty advocate and Eco-conscious beauty maven). She review Yamerra's Sultry Mango, Be Bodacious Tangerine Grapefruit and our Natural Facial Serum:

Have YOU tried some Sultry Mango? Pick one up here:

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