March 2, 2013

Save-Our-Earth Saturday: Green Solutions You can easily adopt into daily living

I am excited to share some really cool information on how to be more Eco-conscious around the house. I found that you can easily adopt some of these Green Solutions and participate in saving our resources!

I have listed some Green Solution I practice below. Feel free to leave us a comment about how YOU are reducing waste of resources around YOUR home:


  • For every 10 minutes you shower, you may be using up to 25 gallons of water. If you used a WaterSense-rated showerhead (, 120 million gallons could be saved in just one day — that's 182 Olympic-size pools! — and $88 million a year. 
  • Windows and doors can be major causes of heat loss especially in the winter, with faulty windows adding 10 to 25 percent to your heating bill. Open blinds during the day to let sun in. At dusk, close them to trap heat.
  • Pay bills online, or set up automatic check paying from your bank account. No envelopes, no postage — and no late fees, if you’re on an automatic plan.
  • Choose concentrated or ultra cleaning products, which use 50 to 60 percent less packaging than traditional formulas while cleaning just as thoroughly.
  • True or false: The only way to save your computer’s energy during a lunch break is to shut it down. False. Leaving it in “sleep” mode uses very little electricity — with no wait for rebooting when you return. 

Let' be Eco-conscious, after all- It's Ultra fashionable!

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