March 25, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Two

If you are just joining us on the 7 Day Guide to using your Kanga, welcome! The Kanga is a Yamerra Treasure. The user-friendly, sustainable organic cotton fabric is from East Africa; particularly, Tanzania. It can be used for a variety of things. Follow us on our blog to find out how!

I decided to wear one of my hottie's Kanga's today. His is a unisex color of black and white and was the perfect accessory on this cold and dreary 50 degree day in New York. The Kanga is super light-weight, yet provided the warmth I need today.

Where Can you pick up a one of a kind Kanga?:
12 Lions Studio
684 Broadway, NY NY 10012

Day 2: The Kanga as a Neck Wrap/ Scarf

Let it flow: The Kanga makes for an ultra fashionable and sustainable accessory

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