March 24, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York

For all my Kanga lovers in New York and beyond... I promised to do Kanga 101 tutorial. Here it is!

The light-weight Tanzanian fabric is created in organic cotton, super light-weight and comes in vivacious colors. Anyone can use a Kanga! The rectangular cloth opens itself to a variety of uses, all year round too! Are you a beach bum? Or a consistent park-goer? May be you live in weather that allows scarf-wearing...? The Kanga can be used by any of these people!

The Kanga is a Yamerra Treasure promised to make the user smile a little more, look more vibrant and is a definite conversation starter. Starting today, Yamerra promises a 7 Days Guide to Rockin' your Kanga, in all types of ways, even using it around the house too.

Where Can you pick up a one of a kind Kanga?:
12 Lions Studio
684 Broadway, NY NY 10012

Day 1: The Kanga As a Head Wrap

 Wear your Kanga as an accessory to your already ultra fashionable and fabulous wardrobe.

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