March 29, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Six

If you are just tuning into the Vivacious Kanga Diaries, welcome! Check out Day One through five, truly not to be missed. I am wearing a six year old Kanga today, look how vibrant the color still is...? A primary characteristic of the multi-use organic cotton fabric is that it gets softer and more beautiful with time. This Kanga is a Bodacious and vibrant one of red, green and yellow textiles on it.

For my fashionistas out there, this is a "Balance Line Kanga Dress". This is a very comfortable yet ultra chic and fashionable look that can be worn in the day time or for cocktails or a night out. I tied the corners on the short sides of the Kanga around my torso, then folded it and tied it again around my waist. As you can see from images below its tied twice again down the front to create the perfect "Balance Line". Check out pictures below...What do you think?

Where can you pick up a Kanga?
12 Lions Studio,
684 Broadway NYC
(Corner of Broadway and Great Jones)

Day Six: The Kanga as a Balance Line Dress
There are three knots on the Center Front to make the "Balance Line"
Kangas are sooo much fun, they make a great light-weight accessory all year round!

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