March 30, 2012

Kangalicious Diaries in New York: Day Seven

Today is the final Day of Vivacious Kanga Diaries. I am using my Kanga as a hobo-bag. I went to pick up some breakfast fruit, my Kanga bag was super helpful. I tied the shorter ends, that are opposite to each other, and put the tied ends over my shoulder to make the hobo. So easy! I love that the Kanga, vibrant and colorful, can be so functional! Yamerra's guide features seven different ways to use your Kanga. There are many more! If you do not own a Kanga and want one, or are looking for a really one-of-a-kind gift, you can pick one up at:

12 Lions Studio,
684 Broadway NYC
(Corner of Broadway and Great Jones)

The Kanga makes for a user-friendly and sustainable accessory for use all year round, a Yamerra Treasure!  I will definitely be back in the Summer with Kangalicious Diaries in New York so tune in when it gets hot outside... All I will want to wear is the light-weight cotton fabric, can't wait! See pictures of my Kanga Hobo below.

Day Seven: The Kanga as a Hobo Bag
The knots I tied are on my shoulder. The Kanga bag also closes and hold your belonging securely with one more knot in the middle. Grab the two long ends and make a small knot.

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